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PLEASE READ! Paintballs can be toxic to dogs!

PLEASE READ! Deadly High Pressure Cylinders

Calendar of Events - 2014

Minimum age on the field - 10 years old

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24 Hour Role Playing Scenario Game
April 12 and 13

2nd Annual "Paintballers Give Back" Charity Game
Benefitting Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans
May 3

First Strike/Second Strike
Two 1-Day Role Playing Scenario Games
July 12 and 13

World War "Z"
24 Hour Role Playing Scenario Game
September 13 and 14

Paintball's Grand Finale
Mech Wars 2 - Retribution
24 Hour Role Playing Scenario Game
December 5, 6 and 7

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Due to insurance regulations: Absolutely no fill-stations of any type will be permitted on the premises.

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