Tanks come in all shapes and sizes, for this reason all tanks must be approved by the Game Director and the field owner before the day of the event. A tank is an “armored” vehicle that can carry 1 or more players. A tank may have two or  more tires and may or may not have a  motor to propel it. Tanks usual have a main gun that shoots nerf type rockets or multiple paintballs.

1. Tanks on the field must be motion at all times, except in designated Tank parking areas.

2. Tanks must have fully functional brakes.

3. The speed limit for tanks is the walking speed of the Referees that is with that tank.

4. Tanks have a 30 minute time limit on the field and 30 minutes off the field and are not live
    until it checks into the Command Bunker for orders.

5. Destroyed tanks have a 15 minute down time.

6. Tanks must have their team color visible to 360 degrees and large enough to be seen at
    100 feet away. Tanks must fly a white flag when not in play. That being, entering the field
    in route to CB or destroyed and exiting the field.

7. All players in the tank must be wearing goggles.

8. Tanks may not shoot the main gun at players. (Nerf cannon, Law/RPG)

9. Tanks must provide their own second forward Referee.

10. Tanks can shoot guns in semi auto mode only with one shot per trigger pull.

11. Ref must have remote ignition cutoff switch in case of emergency. Ref must have walkie-talkie
     communication with tank.

12. Tank owner and operator must have liability insurance of at least $100,000 and name the
      field owner and promoter as additional insured one week prior to event. (Can be purchased
      from insurance agent for "off road" use only)

13. Players must not be with in 20 feet of a tank in motion.

14.  Tanks are Eliminated by satchel charges that land in, on or under the tank or by a Law/RPG
       rockets that directly hits the main body of the tank.

15. Tanks are Immobilized for 5 minutes by a Law/RPG or satchel charge to the tracks. Immobilized
      tanks may still fire all of their guns.

16. Tank Main gun rules see LAW/RPG rules.

17. Tanks may only operate in playing areas were the grass/vegetation is low enough to give the
      tank crew and referees a 10 foot diameter of clear visibility around the tank to avoid driving
      over players and/or objects.