• CAPTAIN: Each team must name a team captain. The team captain will be solely responsible for all dealings of the team. All transactions must be handled by the captain alone.

  • FEE: Fee for entry for scenario is $25.00 per player Registration Fee (Includes All-Day Air and

  • Rental Equipment), due by February 9, 2019.
  • REGISTRATION: Your entrance fee must be paid in advance, due no later than February 9. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • FORFEITS: Anyone who fails to show up for play forfeits his registration fee. No refunds will be given.

  • PAINTBALL: Any CO2 or Nitrogen .68 caliber marker shooting less than 280 fps. will be allowed. Players are encouraged to bring their own guns, goggles and protective equipment.

  • FIELD PAINTBALLS ONLY: Premium grade Paintballs available by the case. 
  • Yes, I would like to prepay for  ______ cases of Premium paintballs at $65 per case. 
  • Yes, I would like to prepay for  ______ cases of Marballizer paintballs at $70 per case. 

  • RENTAL EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE: Phone 352-401-1801 for information.

  • PROCEDURES: Play will proceed in strict observation of the rules and regulations for the game.

  • INFORMATION: Details of the Event, Rules, Information,  Maps showing field location, Directions, and info about Nearby Hotels can be obtained by Clicking Here



    Please make checks payable to:
    Wayne's World of Paintball
    P. O. Box 669
    Sparr, FL 32192

    Please send in your entry form early!

    Name of Team: ________________________________________

    Name of Captain: ______________________________________

    Captain's Address: _____________________________________


    Captain's Phone: _______________________________________

    A team member's e-mail address____________________________

    Team Members:

    1. Name: ___________________________________

    2. Name: ___________________________________

    3. Name: ___________________________________

    4. Name: ___________________________________

    5. Name: ___________________________________

    6. Name: ___________________________________

    7. Name: ___________________________________

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    9. Name: ___________________________________

    10. Name: __________________________________