Dear Team Captain:

We would like to thank you for your response to our Call for Entries to our Role-Playing Scenario Paintball Game which will be held at Wayne's World of Paintball, located in Ocala, Florida. And to all of our new patrons, we would like to say "Welcome".

As usual THIS IS AN EVENT PAINT ONLY SCENARIO GAME. Also, no checks can be accepted at the game, so bring cash, credit cards or ATM cards (there are several ATM's near the field.)

Food will be available from Miss Shirley's BBQ, which will be set up at the field. Their prices are VERY reasonable.

If you need directions to the playing field, check out these maps.

Click here if you are looking for a nearby motel. Be sure to specify that you are with the Paintball Player's group for these special rates to apply, and please remember - if you shoot up the hotel with paintballs - you spoil any future special rates for everyone!

Please have ONE representative from your team be at the Registration Area on Saturday morning, with this letter and all completed Minor Waivers, Registration Forms, Insurance Release of Liability Forms, signed Letter of Understanding and the balance of any monies your team owes in hand.

Click on these forms to complete your entry package. Make sure that the Header and Footer information has been has been turned off on your Page Setup before printing these pages.

Registration Form - Please print and copy as many as you need and have one filled out by each adult (Over 18 years of age) player.
Insurance Waiver- Please print and copy as many as you need and have one filled out by each player (or other visitor ).
Minor Waivers - Please print and copy as many as you need and have one completed for each minor player (10 to 18 years of age).
Letter of Understanding - Please print and have every member of your group read the Rules of Play Game Book and then sign this form.

The playing field is located about an hour and a half from most Central Florida attractions, and only minutes from Silver Springs, so you don' t need to worry about bored spouses and family if they want to come with you.

Be sure to bring a barrel plug or barrel condom to place on your gun barrel when it is not in use. This safety precaution marks you as being "dead". The only time a barrel plug is not required while off the field will be when you are at the chronograph. If you do not have a barrel plug, they will be available at the field for a nominal fee.

Other items you and your team mates may want to bring: Insect Repellent, rain poncho, warm sweater, compasses, mini-mag lights, batteries and plenty of drinking water (water is also available at the field). A change of clothing, several pair of socks, and an extra pair of shoes would also be comfortable for you, in case of rain or just to refresh yourselves later in the day.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you have. The Wayne's World Field phone number is (352) 401-1801. Please call for additional directions, if needed.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Jackie Dollack