Please print this page and use it to sign up for the event.

CAPTAIN: Each team must name a team captain. The team captain will be solely responsible for all dealings of the team. All transactions must be handled by the captain alone.

FEE:  Pre-Registration Fee for scenario is $50 (until Nov. 30). Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

EARLY REGISTRATION: Deposit must be paid in advance and is non-refundable, due no later than November 16, 2020. 

FORFEITS: Anyone who fails to show up for play forfeits his deposit. No refunds will be given.

AWARDS: Will be given out at game's end. All Pre Registered players will receive an I.D. tag and patch.

EQUIPMENT: Any CO2 or Compressed Air powered .68 caliber paint gun shooting less than 280 fps. will be allowed. Players are encouraged to bring their own guns, goggles and protective equipment.

EVENT  PAINT ONLY: Available in full 2000 round cases only. 

  • Yes, I would like to prepay for  ______ cases of Premium Paintballs @ $65 per case. 

  • I would like to prepay for  ______  cases of Marballizer Paintballs @ $70 per case. 

  • I would like to purchase air at this time: ______$10 COor ______ $20 HPA

  • All campers must pay a $40 camping fee. $20 will be refunded if site is left in clean condition.

  •    I would like to prepay my $40 Camp Deposit  now _______
  • Total Paid $ ____________________



    Payment must be received by 11/30/20.

    RENTAL EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE: Phone 352-401-1801 for information.

    PROCEDURES: Play will proceed in strict observation of the rules and regulations for the game.

    INFORMATION: Rules and FAQs are available on our website:

    Please make checks payable to:
    Wayne Dollack 24 Hour Role-Playing Scenario Games
    P. O. Box 669
    Sparr, FL 32192


    Name of Team: _______________________________________

    Name of Captain: ______________________________________

    Captain's Address: _____________________________________


    Captain's Phone: _______________________________________

    A team member's e-mail address___________________________

    Team Members:

    1. Name: ___________________________________

    2. Name: ___________________________________

    3. Name: ___________________________________

    4. Name: ___________________________________

    5. Name: ___________________________________

    6. Name: ___________________________________

    7. Name: ___________________________________

    8. Name: ___________________________________

    9. Name: ___________________________________

    10. Name: __________________________________