Credit Card Payment via PAYPAL


Please send your entry form by the March 20 Registration deadline.

All registrations will be filed by Team Name. Team members may register separately.

To keep the lines shorter at the game, please have the Team Captain be responsible for the entire group.

A team may consist of 1 to 100 players... and you don't need a whole group to register.

Please complete ALL fields! Click on "Submit" when ready to send.

Minimum age on the field - 10 years old

Team Name:

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In an effort to properly balance teams please answer the following questions.

How long have you played paintball?

How many scenarios have you played?


How many members are you paying for at this time ?

$50 Pre-Registration Fee will be charged for each member.

Please list the FIRST & LAST names of all EXTRA team members being paid for at this time.

How many cases of paintballs are you pre-paying for at this time?

$65 will be charged for each case of Premium Paintballs.
(enter "0" if zero cases are desired)

$70 will be charged for each case of Marballizer Paintballs
(enter "0" if zero cases are desired)

Would you like to purchase your air at this time?

$10 C02 Card: 
(enter "0" if zero cards are desired)

$15 All-Event Compressed Air: 
(enter "0" if zero cards are desired)

All Campers MUST pay a $20 (refundable -if your site is left in good condition) Campsite Deposit.
Would you like to pay the $20 Campsite Deposit at this time?



Anyone who fails to show up for play forfeits his registration fee. No refunds will be given.

Only press submit one time please.

Thank you,

Wayne and Jackie Dollack