It has been almost one hundred years since
the global holocaust that reshaped continents and nearly destroyed North America.
Who could have foreseen that a terrorist group would have been stupid or careless
enough to start a chain reaction of global destruction? It has been many years since
Armageddon and pockets of civilization still exist in the wastelands of North America.
Areas of terror and areas of hope.

One such pocket of humanity in central Florida still clings to life, such as it may be.
The inhabitants scavenge the wastelands for remnants of a past life that can be used
or traded for something more useful.

Marauding bands of "Invaders" constantly pillage the countryside, taking whatever
they need or want, by whatever violent means they think necessary. But this time it
will be different. The population of Alaco has had enough. They are preparing for
an all-out confrontation that will end these invasions once and for all.

Do you have the paintballs to join us for this heart-pounding adventure
filled with adrenaline surging excitement?

This event is Wayne Dollack’s annual 2 Day Player Appreciation Scenario.
Both days are Free Admission!

Free Admission!

Two solid days of Fun and Excitement!

When:    Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5
Where:  Wayne's World of Paintball, Ocala, Florida
Admission Cost:  There is none. It's Free!!!*
Includes Admission, Collectible Credentials and Awards at Game's End
Paint: $65 Premium Paintballs
            $70 Marballizer Paintballs
Time:   10 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day
For more information call Wayne's World of Paintball
at 352-401-1801, or e-mail us

Register by Mail   Register Online

*Deposit for entry to scenario is $10.00 per player per day.
Each registered participant will be given a
$10 CO2 Air Card or All Day HPA in exchange for the Deposit.
  (Due to the large participation at this event,
we may not be able to accommodate those who do not pre-register.)