Spies, Agents and Saboteurs are theme specific characters within the game that are given special abilities
by the Scenario Director.

1. He/she must have Spy, Agent or Saboteur ID cards and Bracelet on them at all times.

2. Spies, Agents, or Saboteurs must receive the opposing team's arm tape from the opposing team.

3. Spies, Agents, or Saboteurs are the only  players that may insert Hot if they choose. “Hot” meaning live.
   They may insert hot only one (1) time every hour. (Exemption Rule #5) They may insert hot at their team's
   insertion as many times as they wish, provided that their insertion is separate from the other team's insertion.

4. Spies, Agents, or Saboteurs are the only players that can insert anywhere they wish. That being any insertion,
   under the netting, under tape line, but No closer than 150 feet from the Enemy CB.

5. Spies, Agents, or Saboteurs are the only players that may wear the opposing team's arm tape color or no
    tape at all.

6. Spies, Agents or Saboteurs may take actions against player characters off of the main playing field in areas
    designated by the scenario director. ( i.e. pavilion, stage, cave etc. )

7. When a Spy, Agent, or Saboteur is eliminated in character, then they must turn in all spy, agent, or saboteur
    ID cards and continue the game as a normal player.

8. Spy, agents, and saboteurs may only assassinate another player with an assassination card.

40 ft Command Bunker Safe Area
No player can be eliminate within 40 ft  of the that players CB by another player with the same color arm tape.
The 40 ft diameter around the CB is to be a friendly area were players can be comfortable in the fact that they
cannot be eliminated by someone with their same color arm tape . This rule is designed to help base security,
and command staff relax and talk with the other players.