Props are objects in the game that are related to the story line of the scenario.

1. Props maybe worth points.

2. Props must remain in the playing area while the game is in play.

3. If a player is carrying a prop when he/she is eliminated that player must drop the prop
    were they were eliminated.

4. Props may only be turned in for points 1 hour before game end,  final battle or when approved
   by scenario director.

5. Disassembled or destroyed props are worth 0 points or possibly negative points.

6. Paint mines/ claymore mines maybe used on the field with breakable string only. Mines are the
    responsibility of the owner of the mine.

7. No lasers or pyrotechnics.

8. Player made props are welcome, but must be approved.


Game action cards are cards that allow a player to take or perform an action.

1. Fast-acting Lethal Poison is used to “poison” a player.

2. Antidote Card to counter the poison Card.

3. Truth Serum “makes” a player tell the truth.

4. Assassination Card is given to a Spies, Agents or Saboteurs to assassinate a general.

5. Character Assassination Card is given to a Spies, Agents or Saboteurs to assassinate other characters.

6. Explosives Card is used to “blow” things up. This card must be in or on an object that is larger
    then a baseball.

7. Law/RPG Cards are given to Demolition experts to “blow” things up.

8. Reconstruction Cards are given to Engineers to rebuild the things that are “blown” up.

9. Medic Cards are used by medics to “heal” wounded players.

10. Any Special Card that the Scenario Director creates for a specific game theme.