Posted by Larry Cossio on March 23, 2001 at 18:44:28:

Ok, 2001 NPA insurance rules for tanks first
1. tanks must be accompanied by ref.
2. ref must have remote ignition cutoff switch in case of emergency (ie: rc remote control)
3. ref must have walkie talkie communication at least with tank
4. tanks can shoot guns in semi auto mode only with one shot per trigger pull
5. tanks may travel no faster than walking speed
6. tank owner and operator must have liability insurance of at least $300,000 and name the field owner and promoter as additional insured one week prior to event. ( can be purchased from insurance agent for off road use only)

no mortars shot out of tank
1. mortars are not allowed on NPA insured fields as the danger of knocking off a mask is too high and the price of an eye is too high.

Laws rockets or similar toys
1. rockets or similar toys may be used against buildings or tanks only to eliminate only if no human beings are around. Can be shot at the building to destroy but not thru windows to eliminate players. At no time may one of these be pointed and fired towards players. Ref control is mandatory over players with these items.
Any Questions?
Larry Cossio
National Paintball Association

We want to let all of the tank owners know that we are sorry for any inconvenience that the new Tank Regulations may cause. I also want you all to know that none of this was our idea. Someone, in their infinite wisdom, wrote an anonymous letter to our insurance carrier, Larry Cassio at National Paintball Association, telling him about how a player was “run over” by a tank at the December game. And that is how it all started. So, on behalf of all of the tank owners who will now have to make revisions to their equipment, as well as carry off-road insurance, and the folks at Wayne’s World of Paintball, we offer a hearty “thank you” to the person who wrote that anonymous letter.

P.S. larry says the “kill” switches can wait until the next game, but the rest of the regulations have taken effect now.

Jackie Dollack