A mission is an objective that is given to the generals to complete in order to earn points for their team.

1. Missions may be received via radio or on a printed card that is delivered to the CB.

2. Once the mission is received the General or acting general has 15 minutes to get to appropriate players to the

3. It is important that at least one player from the proper platoon (appropriate player) be on the mission and
    survive to the end of that mission.

4. If the general leads the mission and is not eliminated when the mission is completed, that mission is a
    General lead mission and worth double points. General Lead must be noted on the Mission card.

5. Mission card must be fill out clearly and properly. This is the responsibility of the general, XO, or radio operator.

6. The mission Referee’s Initials must be on the mission card clearly, so command can read them for
    later reference.

7. Mission Complete or Incomplete must be clearly printed and circled on the mission card by  mission referee.

8. It is important that the mission referee turns in the mission card after the mission to the base referee for
    point tallying.


1. Special ops missions are special High Risk missions that generals may use to gain extra points.

2. Special Ops missions will be given to the generals in their General packets. The missions will be in numbered
    sealed envelopes and are not to be opened until Command has given approval to open and perform the mission.

3. SpecOps Mission envelopes that are opened without approval will be given negative points.

4. SpecOps Missions that are opened and not given a reasonable attempt to complete will be given negative points.