Rules for MECHS (Mechanized Warriors)

In its simplest form, a MECH is an armored suit which a player can WEAR.

CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY GUIDELINES: EYE PROTECTION IS MANDATORY! A MECH should be able to see the ground within two feet in front of its feet and must have approximately 180 degree frontal unobstructed vision. The legs of the player must be free enough to walk naturally, within reason. (Foot and leg armor should not hinder the player’s ability to safely walk.) It is important to take balance into account when building a MECH. Remember to include the weight of any hydration pack, paintballs, air tanks, or other equipment in your design. The materials that construct the MECH must be able to withstand the punishment endured during the event. MECH armor should stop paintballs and LAW rockets from hitting the player when fired at the prescribed velocity. Shields can be used but provide no benefit for the MECH other than additional protection.

VENTILATION AND HYDRATION: Air circulation should be considered when building a MECH. A fan, mesh screen, etc. would be a wise choice to keep the player from overheating. It is also recommended that a MECH has some kind of hydration system for the player.

Note: MECHS come in all shapes and sizes, for this reason MECH builders should contact the game producer prior to the event if they wish to qualify their MECH. The game producer or head referee reserves the right to refuse any MECH access onto the playing field due to lack of safety or creative effort.

ARMY DESIGNATION: A MECH must be clearly marked to show which army they represent while on the playing field.

WEAPON SYSTEMS: A MECH can use any paintball marker, LAW, or satchel charge. REMEMBER: A MECH should offer an opponent the chance to “take the hit”, which will eliminate a player as normal.

MECH INSERTION: A MECH inserts exactly as a player, with the exception that the MECH referee must accompany it at all times and that a MECH cannot enter a building or other structures.

MECH ELIMINATION: To eliminate a MECH: one direct hit from a LAW rocket, nuclear blast or satchel charge, or any prop or game effect the game producer determines will eliminate a MECH. The eliminated MECH must immediately raise their white flag and return to their re-spawn point and wait for its next insertion.
REMEMBER: A referee must see the “hit” on a MECH for a hit to count. The referee will inform the MECH that it has been eliminated if the MECH does not know.


Safety Note: Players may NOT approach any tank or MECH, insert a marker barrel into an opening and shoot the occupant. You will be ejected from the field … NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All MECH Suits are the personal property of the owner. It is considered the same as your marker, mask and pack. Players may not touch, take, disable and or in way intentionally damage or destroy the MECH suit or its contents. If you do, you will be ejected from the event, the field, and subject to arrest by local law enforcement.
Remember players using MECH suits have spent a lot of time and resources to build these props for the enjoyment and the enhancement of the event. RESPECT THEIR WORK.!!!



2. MECHs operators must provide their own Mech Referee who will accompany him while on the playing field.

3. MECHs must display their team color  360 degrees and large enough to be seen 100 feet away. MECHs must fly a white flag when not in play. That being, entering the field in route to CB or when destroyed and exiting the field.

4. MECHs may not shoot their main gun at players. (Nerf cannon, Law/RPG)

5. All weapons require a Barrel Blocker when not in use.

6. MECHs can shoot paintball guns according to field regulations

7. MECHs are Eliminated by satchel charges or by a LAW/RPG.

Based on the MECH Warrior Rules provided by Giovanni D’Egido and used in the "Decay of Nations" Event