The general can only be “killed” the following ways:
1. Is shot by enemy player who is taped with enemy colors.

2. Is in the Command Bunker (CB) when it is destroyed.

3. By a spy or agent with a General Assassination card, who has enemy color
    arm tape or no arm tape.

4. With poison or explosives card, or with a  Scenario Director’s authorized Prop.(see Props)

5. When outside the CB he/she may be killed same as an other player on the field.

6. General kills are worth 100 points inside CB and 50 points when outside CB.

7. XO kills are worth 0 points.

8. Generals are not to be off the field for more than 45 minutes per session.
   (Sessions being game on to dinner break, dinner break to end of night play, Sun. morning
   Game-on to Game-end )