Engineers are players who have an engineer ID card which allows them to rebuild destroyed structures.

1. Engineers must have an Engineer ID card.

2. Engineer ID card are given out at registration.

3. To rebuild structures, an engineer must find a referee, present the appropriate number of Reconstruction Cards,
    remove and wrap up the “Demolition Tape”. (See Demolition Expert)

4. The witnessing referee will dispose of the tape and collect the Reconstruction Card(s).

5. Engineers may be issued keys by the Prop Master or Scenario Director to reopen bridges or retrieve objects
   that are chained or locked (if applicable).

6. Engineers can disarm explosives and boobie traps. Example: A briefcase is brought to the base and is
    openrd by an engineer. The engineer finds an explosive card inside that would have “exploded”  when
    the case was opened, but because an engineer opened it, he is able to “disarm” it, therefore it does not explode.


Medics are players that can heal others players that are shot.

1. Medics must have a Medic ID card packet.

2. Medics must get to the hit player with in Two (2) minutes. Hit players may not move more than 3 feet.
    If hit player receives a head shot while waiting for a medic, that player is out.

3. The medics must write the hit player’s number down and wipe the hit paint.

4. Medics can not heal head shots.

5. Medics can not heal themselves.

6. There are no medics at night.

7. Medics must wear White tape or medic arm band on one arm in addition to their team's arm tape color.

8. One Field Surgeon with three (3) other players may set up a Mobile Reinsertion Point in any structure
    on the field to “resurrect” dead players. The Field Surgeon and 3 players must stay at the Mobile Reinsertion
    Point while it is active. If the Field Surgeon is eliminated then the Mobile Reinsertion Point is down. The
    Mobile Reinsertion Point kit is given out by Central Command at the Generals request. The Field Surgeon
    may “Heal” up to 20 dead players and may only be used four (4) times in the game. The general must
    get approval from Central Command before deployment.