Destruction of the Command Bunker

1. A Satchel charge must touch the CB wall, floor, roof, or be inside the CB.

2. Spy detonates an explosive card or places a timed bomb card inside the CB.(see Game Action card)

3. The CB must be taped with demo tape to be destroyed. If the CB does not get taped off, people died,
    but the CB is still useable.

4. If CB is taped off, an engineer must rebuild the CB before it can be back in play.

5. No  equipment or personal items may be taken from the inside of the CB. Only game-related props may be
    taken at any time by live players (with approval of a referee.)

40 ft Command Bunker Safe Area

No player can be eliminate within 40 ft  of the that players CB by another player with the same color arm tape.
The 40 ft diameter around the CB is to be a friendly area were players can be comfortable in the fact that they
can not be eliminated by someone with their same color arm tape . This rule is designed to help base security,
and command staff relax and talk with the other players.