The time is 1941. The location is German-occupied Poland.
Nazi soldiers are busy "sanitizing" Eastern Europe, slaughtering
people by the thousands, and abducting the rest for their slave-labor forces.
Some of the citizens manage to escape and take refuge in the nearby forests.

Soon they are joined by others, all running from the savagery being inflicted
on them. These survivors turn their daily struggle of foraging for food
and weapons for their survival, into a battle against the Nazis.
As news of their exploits spreads, others join them,
willing to risk their lives for even a brief bit of freedom.

Will you join this fight against the Nazi war machine in the dark,
cold and unforgiving forests
during the darkest times of German-occupied Eastern Europe?

This event is Wayne Dollack’s annual 2 Day Player Appreciation Scenario.
Both days are FREE.

Free Admission!

Two solid days of Fun and Excitement!

When:    Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6
Where:  Wayne's World of Paintball, Ocala, Florida
Admission Cost:  There is none. It's Free!!!*
Includes Admission, Collectible Credentials and Awards
Paint: $65 Premium Paintballs
            $70 Marballizer Paintballs
Time:   10 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day
For more information call Wayne's World of Paintball
at 352-401-1801, or e-mail us

Register by Mail   Register Online

*Deposit for entry to scenario is $10.00 per player per day.
Each registered participant will be given a
$10 CO2 Air Card or All Day HPA in exchange for the Deposit.
  (Due to the large participation at this event,
we may not be able to accommodate those who do not pre-register.)