The Command Bunker (CB) is a netted in Safe area were the General and his XO run the game.
A base referee must be present in the base at times when the game is in play.

1. Only the General and XO are allowed to have markers in the CB! Markers must have BBDs!

2. NO firing of any kind into or out of the Command Bunker!

3. For game proposes the CB is assumed to be a hardened Bunker.

4. Usually being small, the only people in the CB should be the General, his/her XO, the Base Ref
    and sometimes a radio operator.

5. It is up to the General who he/she lets into the CB.

6. Other then the  base Referee, no other refs should be in the CB, except mission Refs who are
    receiving or returning missions. Refs will not hang out smokin & jokin in the CB or around it.

40 ft Command Bunker Safe Area

No player can be eliminate within 40 ft  of the that players CB by another player with the same color arm tape.
The 40 ft diameter around the CB is to be a friendly area were players can be comfortable in the fact that they
can not be eliminated by someone with their same color arm tape . This rule is designed to help base security,
and command staff relax and talk with the other players.