It is the 21st century, a time after war had made the Earth so polluted and congested,
that the populace are encouraged to migrate to “off world colonies”.  As a result of this catastrophe,
genetic engineering of artificial life forms and humanoids has become
the most productive and advanced industry on the planet.

One Corporation has advanced android evolution to the ultimate phase --
beings virtually identical to humans -- known as replicants.
These replicants are superior in strength and agility, and more than equal in intelligence,
to the engineers who created them. They are perfectly constructed to perform arduous,
subservient tasks for their human creators. They also have a built-in limited life span
to prevent any renegades from escaping their human masters.

A special police force known as Blade Runner Units, has been developed to track down
any renegade replicants who have escaped, and are trying to pass for human beings,
and live freely on Earth.

When:    Saturday and Sunday, December 1, 2,  and 3, 2017
Where:   Wayne's World of Paintball, Ocala, Florida
Cost:     $45 Pre-Registration (until November 11)
               Includes: Arm Patch (for pre-registered players), I. D. Tag, Prizes & Awards at Game's End
               Premium Paintballs $60 (until November 11)
               and Marballizer Paintballs $65 (until November 11)
               Co2 $10, All-Event HPA $20
Time:      Noon  Saturday until 2 pm Sunday.

Registration Friday 5-8 pm and Saturday beginning at 8am



For more information contact: Wayne Dollack at 352-401-1801
or e-mail us at