A Base is the area (50ft give or take) immediately around the Command Bunker that may
or may not be fortified with walls,  bunkers, cars, trees, or other obstacles for players to
hide behind, in, or around.

1. The base may be overrun at any time. Overrun means that enemy players are in the base
    and holding the area. These enemy players can only hold the area for 20 minutes, after
    which time all enemy players must move at least 300 feet away from the CB to allow
    the other team to secure their base.

2. There is no way for enemy players to blow the whole base. They can only blow the
    Command Bunker. See Command Bunker.

3. Bunkers, buildings, other structures and sections of walls, may be blow up or destroyed. (See Law/RPG)

40 ft Command Bunker Safe Area

No player can be eliminate within 40 ft  of the that players CB by another player with the same color arm tape.
The 40 ft diameter around the CB is to be a friendly area were players can be comfortable in the fact that they
can not be eliminated by someone with their same color arm tape . This rule is designed to help base security,
and command staff relax and talk with the other players.