Aircraft are backpack style frame with a colored flag that is “flown” around the field with players “on”
it while holding on to a rope.

1. These missions must be initiated by the Commanding Officer at his base.

2. The radio operator calls in the operation. A referee will arrive, carrying the appropriate flag and
    a 10 foot white rope. The General will then give the judge the coordinates he wants the aircraft taken to.

3. AIRCRAFT SURVEILLANCE/RECONNAISSANCE: The aircraft is given 30 minutes of flight
    time (round trip) for a recon run. Two players may hold on to the rope, but may not be armed.

4.  AIRCRAFT INSERTION and EXTRACTION: The aircraft only has enough fuel for 20 minutes
     of flight time for insertion or extraction. Five players may attach themselves to the rope, but may
     not use their weapons while in flight, or be fired on by the enemy. (If a player lets go of the rope, he will
     plummet to his death). An aircraft may be taken out of action with a Law Rocket or an RPG. Law/RPG's
     and LAW/RPG cards are in the possession of the Demolitions Experts, and must be turned in to a judge
     at the time of use. Pilots maybe given Bomb cards, that they may use to bomb enemy players, if said
     players are with in 150 feet.


1. Night vision goggles must be approved by the Head/Ultimate Referee.

2. Night vision goggles may only be used after 10 pm.

3. All hits count. There are no Medic Heals during night play.

4. No grenades or law rocket/ RPGs at night.

5. No tanks at night.


Referees are at the event to provide a safe playing environment.

1. DO NOT argue with referees or judges. Their word is final. If you do argue you will be asked to leave
   the game for a period of 30 minutes.

2. At nighttime referees will be carrying cylume sticks. They are the ONLY CYLUMES allowed on the
    field, other than infra red. No other players are allowed to carry or use cylumes. If you are caught using
    any cylume, you will be ejected from the nighttime portion of the game.

3. Referees may punch ID tags after a rule violation. On the third violation the player may be removed
    from the game and asked to leave the Property.

4. Any player who physically touches any other player without that player’s permission will be asked to leave
   the game and the property!

5. Players should report any hazards or dangerous conditions to referees or event staff immediately.